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Washington Post

February 24, 1995

TERRI ALLARD, "Terri Allard" 
(Reckless Abandon Music)

Terri Allard's Passion and Craft

Pressed to describe her music, singer/songwriter Terri Allard once dubbed it "progressive, folk, country, acoustic pop." By any name, it's impressive. On her self-titled debut album, she mixes poignant balladry and boot-kickin' honky-tonk in a manner that's sometimes reminiscent of Mary Chapin Carpenter. The resemblance is especially evident on "Sweet, Sweet, Dreams" and "Never Ceases to Amaze Me", ballads which examine emotional yearning and social prejudice, respectively, with considerable honesty, passion and craft.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the album's cast includes producer-saxophonist Bob Read, guitarist Pete Kennedy, drummer Robbie Magruder and bassist Rico Petruccelli - the latter three being former or current members of Carpenter's band.

Even so, Allard's smoky alto and songwriting are distinctive enough to suggest that she'll have no problem making her own mark in country-pop circles given half a chance. After all, she's already made a record that's far more appealing and personal than a lot of Nashville exports.