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What People Saying About Terri Allard
And Her Music

There are many singer-songwriters on the folk circuit today. Some can sing and some can write…but few do both well. Terri Allard is one of the few. Highly recommended. "

VKH, Sing Out

"If Terri Allard isn't a star by the time you read this, then you're reading just a little too fast. Hers is the authentic voice of country music - a mixture of wry wit and melancholy, independence, grit and hope."

Chris Bannon, Producer, NPR's "Whad'Ya Know?" with Michael Feldman

"Allard's songs address the universal themes of love and loss with unusual grace and soul…tender and reflective but never self-indulgent. Allard's smoky alto and songwriting are distinctive enough to suggest she'll have no problem making her own mark in the country-pop circles given half a chance."

The Washington Post

"We received the Terri Allard release [Makes No Sense] and I am playing it every week. It is a superb CD."

Rich Warren, WFMT Radio, "Midnight Special" and "Folkstage", Chicago, IL

"Allard's lyrical maturity and vocal presence establish her as several cuts above the crowd of talented musicians working in the singer songwriter field."

Dirty Linen Magazine

"Loose Change and Spare Parts" is a breakthrough album for Terri Allard.
She's finally unleashed that big singer we all suspected was lurking inside her small frame. Her band delivers tight, punchy accompaniment, the songs show a real maturity in her writing, but it's her voice that gets center stage. Fasten your seat belts, put your tray tables up and prepare to take off!"

John McCutcheon, Rounder Recording Artist and 4 time Grammy Nominee

"From one sold-out show to the next, Terri Allard's audiences are hooked and won't let go. Her songs tug at your heart, her performances touch your soul, her latest recording cries out to be played over and over."

Jeri Goldstein, Manager/Agent, Consultant, Author "How To Be Your Own Booking Agent and Save Thousands of Dollars"

"Terri Allard is one of those precious few singer/songwriters who is both ready-for-the-radio and right-for-the-listening room."

Fast Folk Musical Magazine

"As the petite singer/songwriter demonstrated repeatedly…a human voice can be the most captivating of musical instruments - a voice of beauty that can soothe, entertain, mesmerize, and entice with sensuous sensitivity."

Larry Hoyt, "Common Threads" WAER Radio, Syracuse, NY

"Somebody better pay attention to Terri Allard."

Martin Fullington, Publisher, Music Reviews Quarterly, Arden, NC

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