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Fall 2002 Vol. 46 #3 Page 149
TERRI ALLARD, "Makes No Sense" 
(Reckless Abandon Music)

   This is the fourth album from Virginia based singer-songwriter Terri Allard and her first since 1998. Partly this was a matter of taking time to write an adequate number of quality songs, and part due to taking time off to have a baby. The CD reflects a good, fresh, incisive mind and a sweet voice that makes this recording one of the finest in the past year or more.

  Terri is marvelously supported by Mary Chapin Carpenter on their "Anna Carolyn, " and Gary Green on harmonica, husband Dwayne Evans on background vocals, and others on bass, mandolin, accordion, lap steel, drums, violin, and tambourine. The blend of instruments and Terri's dominant control of the recording and processes makes for a tight, well-constructed recording.

  The songs are about relationships and their impact on individuals - being treated shabbily so that a woman feels like second-hand damaged goods, being in love to the point of watching dreams go by, being in a lost relationship with no place to fly, and believing in happy endings even when there is no objective reason to believe in them. These are heart-felt songs, tightly written and beautifully done.

  There are many singer-songwriters on the folk circuit today. Some can sing, and some can write…but few can do both well. Terri Allard is one of the few. Highly recommended. --VKH