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Dirty Linen

February/March 2000

TERRI ALLARD, "Loose Change and Spare Parts" 
(Reckless Abandon Music)

Terri Allard - Elvis Has Stayed Too Long

On her third release, Terri Allard continues to grow both as a songwriter and a singer. A pair of thoughtful takes on the modern love ballad, "Lifeline" and "I Don't Want to Know," open and close the disc. Then there's a worthy addition to the road song genre, "We've Got Elvis," where the travelers are kept going by equal doses of the King, NPR, and Patsy Cline.

Unanswered questions in relationship make for the substance of many of Allard's songs this time out, from a woman who has stayed too long in a relationship ("Lala Rosie Goes" to the searcher with her own distractions in "Forbidden Fruit," to reflections on time and change in "Borrowed Time". That's not to say Allard's songs are depressing - thought provoking, rather, as the most lasting songs frequently are. As a singer, Allard shows once again that her smoky alto can handle the ironic humor of "Television," as well as country rockers like the title track and delicate ballads such as "Reckless Abandon"